Which quilt should I buy, and other FAQs

Here are some things to consider when choosing the right bedding so you can have the best night’s sleep:

  • How much do you feel the cold?
    Are you a real cold frog or are you always throwing the doona off?
  • How warm do you keep your bedroom / house?
    If you leave the central heating on overnight and don’t let your bedroom ever get cold, you may not need an extra warm quilt.
  • Where do you live?
    Do you live in a frosty area, a milder climate, or by the sea? If you’re a cold frog and live in a frosty area and have a cold bedroom you might go for a 3 or 4 blanket warmth quilt. However, if the overnight minimum rarely drops below 8 or 10 degrees and you don’t feel the cold especially bad, then maybe you only need a 2 blanket warmth quilt.
  • What is our most common quilt order?

    It’s the 2 blanket warmth.
  • What size quilt should I buy?
    Would you like some extra overhang and snuggleabilty? Lots of people buy a King size quilt for a Queen size bed these days so they have a bit more doona to play with.
  • If you share your bed, would you benefit from having a quilt made with different warmth’s?
    Eg. 2 blankets warm on one side and 3 or 4 on the other.  This is a great option to keep both partners happy and is priced to the heaviest side (i.e. a 2/4 combo is the price of a 4 blanket warmth quilt). You can choose any combination you like.
  • Does customising mean I could have my quilt made warmer over my feet?
    Certainly, we can add some extra wool over the bottom section of your quilt to keep your tootsies warm! We’re here to please you. Please give us a call if you would like to discuss your needs. We’re only too happy to help.
  • I’m a solo sleeper; would a duo quilt suit me?
    Yes, lots of people who have the bed to themselves chose a quilt that is thicker one side than the other and flip it over according to the season i.e. 1 blanket warmth for summer and 3 blanket warmth for winter.
  • If I get a duo, will I be able to tell the difference which side is which?
    Yes, we tag each side so you don’t mix them up.
  • Will a duo look odd on the bed with one side thicker than the other?
    Surprisingly, it’s not that obvious. Unless you have a 1/4 or perhaps a Summer/3 once you have the cover on, the difference isn’t a problem.
  • Do your quilts sit flat on the bed?
    Yes they do. They’re not as compressed as some of the other commercially available products, so they are a little thicker, but they give a lovely neat yet plump appearance.
  • What is the difference between Dry-clean only or washable wool bedding?
    Our Dry-Clean Only chemical free wool has been washed and carded before it is made up into your bedding product and may not be washed.  Our washable wool goes through an extra process to pre-shrink it. It’s a hot wash with a small amount of chlorine and peroxide. This doesn’t leave a chemical smell or affect the longevity of the product.
  • Does washable mean I can wash my bedding in my home washing machine?
    Yes you can wash your bedding with an approved wool washing detergent on the wool wash cycle in your washing machine. However, it’s worth noting that most of our quilts (probably any bigger than a single) would be too big for a home washing machine but fit easily in the type of large front loaders common at Laundromats.   The quilts need to be dried as flat as possible; we suggest laying over the top of your clothesline.
  • Can I tumble dry the washable wool?
    Definitely not.
  • Can I wash my washable wool bedding product in the bath?
    Well we wouldn’t advise it. Once your product becomes immersed in the water it would be incredibly heavy and difficult to manage.
  • Can I air my quilt or underblanket out on the line in the sun every so often?
    Yes, we recommend regular airing to keep your quilt fresh. The sun is your friend but do be careful not to leave it out all day long in the summer time, that’s not good for anything! And remember, dust mites don’t live in wool so that’s another bonus!
  • Are the quilts heavy?
    No they’re not. Whilst they are a little heavier than a feather doona, they are still much lighter than blankets even though they give the same warmth.
  • Is there a smell to any of your products?
    There can be a slight “woolly” smell that fades fairly quickly once your bedding is opened out, but there is no chemical smell that is sometimes found in other products on the market.
  • We have a caravan with a mattress that has rounded corners; could we have an underblanket made to fit it exactly?
    Sure, we are happy to make underblankets with rounded corners to your measurements.
  • Can the wool move around?
    No, the wool is layered and stitched securely in a time honoured method that has stood the test for 35 years.
  • Can I return my order?
    Unfortunately due to health and hygiene reasons we are unable to return or exchange products unless unwrapped and unused or for manufacturing faults. Please choose carefully.