Customised Bedding

Customised Orders

Because all of our products are hand made, we can customise orders without any additional costs. Examples of products include:

  • Underblankets and quilts shaped to fit caravan mattress
  • Underblankets and quilts to fit swags
  • Quilts made warmer on one side than the other
  • Quilts made warmer on the bottom section to keep feet warmer
  • Quilts made lighter over the feet
  • Pillows for supporting whilst breast feeding
  • Larger pet woolly warmers
  • Back woolly warmers to fit shearers belt
  • And many more! Call us with your request to see what we can do for you :)

Pricing of our custom products:

  • Quilts are priced to the thicker side
    For example, a 3 blanket / 4 blanket is the price of a 4 blanket warmth quilt
  • Custom underblankets are priced between a double and a queen size
  • Other personalised orders will be quoted on demand and are very reasonably priced

Contact us today to discuss your needs and for pricing.