“I found the woolly warmer designed for the back an enormous help when I had shingles. I had a constant pain in my left side, which was particularly bad when sitting or lying. I was amazed at the instant relief I would get when putting the woolly warmer on the painful spot, and would sleep on it at night and put it up my jumper when I was sitting or moving around.

It meant I really only needed panadol at night (otherwise I would wake up every couple of hours when the woolly warmer got cold). Because it is flat and thin, it’s very comfortable to lie on. When the pain was really bad at night and even panadol was not sufficiently effective, the woolly warmer allowed me to get to sleep quickly.”

Wendy Savage, Yarragon South

“I am so grateful for my Wooly Warmer! What a coincidence, having met you and bought my own. Whilst we were away in our van, I found it so very useful. Easy enough to heat in the microwave, light yet, big enough to cover the part of the body which is in pain.

I use mine each night, and comfortably leave it in the bed overnight that it’s still in the same place in the morning – and still warm and cozy!

I have had Breast Cancer which over 14 years has metastasise into the Liver and now the Vertabrae. I’m in constant pain 24 x 7 but will Never Give In to the Cancer!!!

The Wooly Warmer has been of a great comfort to me☺️☺️

I know that I can at least gain some relief overnight and during the day when necessary to use the WW.

It’s just so easy, comfortable and gives that relief which is great!

Thank you so much for your beautiful innovation, thinking outside the square, and the affordability of the WW.”

Jan Park, Western Australia

“Thank you so much for your product!

It is marvellous – in fact I am sitting now with the shoulder warmer on after the gym!
And I love the tip for the neck warmer & sock.

Thanks again!”

Penny Canning-Menon