Woolly Warmers wool and wheat heat pads are here to save the day!

Warm them for a minute or two in the microwave on high and they retain their heat for an extra long period of time. Soothe those aches & pains with these wonderful tailor made gems. Shaped to fit your body, you can really target that problem area.

With just a little zap in the microwave, your Woolly Warmers may well become your best friend. Ideal for arthritis, chemo cold spots and other twinges. Here are some other great benefits of our Woolly Warmers:
  • Woolly Warmers are a heat pad used for therapeutic purposes
  • Made from a wheat-pack encased in an insulating layer of wool
  • Body-shaped design for your ‘neck to your shoulders, knees and toes’
  • Flexible to mould around your problem area
  • Ideal for arthritis, chemo cold spots and other twinges
  • Each of the Woolly Warmers are made from 100% wool, 100% cotton covering & 100% wheat, with adjustable straps to hold them comfortably in place.
  • Your body temperature and the wool insulates & the heat pad stay warmer longer, never going stone cold
  • Natural layer of fleece / chemical free with the softness of wool giving a subtle warmth directly on your skin
  • 19 different options for people and even one for your pets

Best of all our Woolly Warmers are 100% owned and manufactured at The Country Shop in Boort, Victoria.